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Taiwan Advance EL Technology Ltd. was founded in 2008 and mainly engages in manufacturing and development of LED lighting products and sales. We have a diverse range of LED lighting products from low-power to high-power, go with power, driver and patent cooling technology of the company's own design, so as to improve lifetime of products and reduce luminance decrease rate. We have acquired a number of domestic and foreign patent certification to achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection effectively.

Our team has nearly 10 years of experience in LED Illumination and constantly committed to the quality improvement, research and development of new technology. All lighting products manufactured are of high brightness, high stability. A wide range of LED-related products for indoor and outdoor, including T8 & T5 tube lights, batten lights, flood lights, spot lights, induction lights, plant grow lights, industrial lights and high power bulbs…, have passed a variety of domestic and foreign safety inspection.

One of the most innovative products is LED T8 light tube - replaceable power series, the exclusive design of light structure has improved the traditional assembling method of LED lights, reduce time and cost of assembling, increase production, convenient for future maintenance, truly achieve the benefits of environmental protection and energy conservation.


EU certification CE-EMC, CE-LVD
National Standard of the Republic of China - Qualified

CNS 14335 Registration of Product Safety Verification
CNS 14165 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures
CNS 15015 Outdoor landscape lighting test
CNL 15438 Bi-pin linear LED tube light - safety requirement test
IEC 62417 Photobiological safety test of light and light source system


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