20W LED industrial light bulb

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  • Power Source:AC

Key Features

Light up today on 20W LED industrial light bulb at Taiwan Advance EL Technology Ltd. Choose super heat-dissipation performance 20W LED industrial light bulb for warehouse, retail outlet, gymnasium lighting. high power led , bright lights , industrial light bulbs, e27 led, led light bulbs also available.

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT):                                                              (Cold)6500k

Housing Material:aluminum head sink/ PC


Luminous flux(Lm):2310LM

Dimension:Ø95*205 mm



◆ super heat-dissipation performance, effectively reduce the lumens depreciation.
temperature control between 50 to 60 degrees, extend LED life.

◆ AL6063 aluminum lamp body with high heat dissipation, heat transfer coefficient 217,
plus aluminum plate, the cooling area is more than 5 times of the traditional 
die-casting one, is about 2 times of the same product.

◆temperature precision CNC machining molding, lamp design with radiator fins direction and processing dimension in contact with air convection using air mechanics 
,increase smooth hot flow and improve active cooling performance of the lamp.

◆ Use high-purity aviation aluminum for heat-dissipation lamp body, made by Taiwan diamond turning machine with precision.

 ◆Structural optimization, high heat-dissipation, energy saving and eco-friendly, applicable to LED spotlights, bulbs, ceiling lighting, outdoor lighting.

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